Pelancaran Laman ALTIMA 25 May 2007

May 25th , 2007

 Launching of ALTIMA Website
 ALTIMA Junior Club Launching
 Mr. Riduan Abdullah Farewell

Such an interesting and attractive activities have been planned by ALTIMA on the May 25 th, 2007 starts at 0900 to 1200 hrs. An event is collaborating of ALTIMA and SMTM which mainly to appreciate Mr. Riduan Abdullah contributions prior his retirement. All SMTM ex-student are inviting to give your appreciation remarks for Mr. Riduan Abdullah by respond to the “Forum”.

ALTIMA will be organizing one talk which going to be held on the 16 th June 2007. The talk is all about “Ceramah Kerja Untuk Pelajar”.

Event agenda as per below:

1. 0150 – 0200 p.m – Students take a sit
2. 0200 – 0230 p.m – Introduction of ALTIMA (by ALTIMA President)
3. 0230 – 0315 p.m – Speaker-1 (Ir Hashim Buyu – ALTIMA Advisor)
4. 0315 – 0400 p.m – Speaker-2 (Ir M. Sharifuddin Ibrahim)
5. 0400 – 0500 p.m – Q & A 6. 0500 – 0515 p.m – Refreshment


  • Altima Junior Club is established early March 2007
  • AJC members were selected from Form 4 students representative one man and female from each class


  • to inculcate spirit and love to SMTM even after leaving the school
  • to provide opportunity for student – enhance networking and communication skills
  • to educate and develop student personality towards corporate image


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